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Automatic GPK20 Gummy Packaging Machine (Pouch Type)

GPK20 is an automatic pouch packaging machine widely used for the package stage of gummy candy manufacturing. the food contacted parts of this machine are used SUS304 materials, complete meet international GMP standard. the intelligent sensing system controls the sealing working of pouch to continue or stoppinng for helping reduce the waste of materials, which the sealing work to be continous when gummies are filled into the pouch completely only. the configuration of brand electrical components ensures the stability of the machine function and offering longlife service.  the automatic temperature compensation of Omron thermostat helps for good sealing. the feeding device can be used water to wash directly, really easy for cleaning.

Flexible Packaging Line Design


GPK20 gummy packaging machine has a flexible design which accept to custom made based on your workshop size and different production requirement to meet your deep demands.

Equipment Accessories
Packaging Process Steps:

1. Place gummy candy into the feeding port of the bucket elevator for delivery to weight by auto;

2. The gummies are delivered to the electronic combination scale part for accurate weighing;

3. Next the main packaging device completes pouch pickup, coding and opening operation;

4. At the same time as step3, the weighted gummies is filled into the prepared pouch from the counter;

5. The main packaging device continues to finish the sealing process;

6. The end product follow the conveyor to discharge or go to the next machine for other additional processes;


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