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GCT-16 Gummy Counting Machine

GCT-16 gummy counting machine is specially designed and used for counting process of gummy manufacturing process. it has precise counting system (precision>99.98%) and reject sensing functions. the surface of vibration delivered channel of gummy candy are used Teflon treatment, the smoother surface, the better anti-stick effect for high viscosity gummies.



Model GCT-16
Name High-speed automatic gummy candy counting machine
Volume 80-100 bottles/min
Counting Precision >99.98%
Application Different shape of gummy candy
Power 2.5KW
Source AC380V 3P 50/60hz
Dimension 1300*1950*1800mm
Gross Weight 900KGS

Product Advantages

1. Auxiliary Feeding Device

It ensures the smooth feeding of highly viscous gummy candy.

2. 316 Stainless Steel Material

Good anti-stick effect due to the surface of vibration delivered channel with Teflon treatment.

3. Dual Teflon Bow-shaped Feeding Design

It helps to ease the release of the gummy.

4. Counting Precision

With an accuracy of up to 99.97%, it is precise to count with 360-degree electronic scanning without any dead angle.

5. Modular Design with Snap-on Installation

The material of the feeding channel and photoelectric module adopts a modular design. This ensures the gummy counting machine can be installed and disassembled as a whole.


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