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Medium Scale Gummy Making Machine/

GY150 Medium Scale Gummy Making Machine up to 60,000 Gummies/hr


GY150 Automatic Gummy Making Machine is specially used for producing different shape/color/size gummies. total length is 16 meters. the whole gummy production equipment consists of eleven parts including sugar dissolving cooker, transfer pumps, strainer & storage tank, dispenser, cooling tunnel, electric control box, pigment/flavor mixer etc. Among them, the dispensing machine is a key component of the entire gummy production line, it integrates the HMI system, dispenser device, cooling tunnel, the pigment/flavor dosing system and mixer into one, where the materials can be seasoned, dispensed, until cooled and formed here.

GY150 Gummy Making Machine working volume up to 150kgs per hour. its PLC control system allow the operator easy to control the machine by LED touch screen. the de-moulding design plus the dual brush to ensure every gummies easy to fall out from the molds. in fact, we also designed an auto oil spraying system on this production line for considering some special situation, you can use it when the gummies getting a bad release.

GY150 Gummy Making Machine has equipped with 20pcs servo drive controlled dosators, the filling range can be adjusted from 1-15g by free. if you have any special requirement on this machine, please feel free to contact us, we can provide customs service and technical support!!

Parameter of GY150 Gummy Making Machine

Model GY150
Volume 150kgs/hr
Voltage 220V/380V
Powder 70KW
Production Capacity 60000 gummies/hr
Depositing Speed 35-45n/min
Length of Whole Line 16m
Frozen Tunnel MT120 15000 kcal/h
Gross Weight 8000kgs around
Size 1300x700x1700mm
Compressed Air Consumption 0.30m3/min
Compressed Air Pressure 0.4-0.6 Mpa
Workshop Temperature 20-25℃
Humidity of the Cooling System 55%


Product Features of GY150 Gummy Making Machine

►  Quick Release Molds
Easy release structure equipped with dual brush to ensure the gummies are easy fall off

►  Dosing System
2 dosing system design allows to make one or two color gummies, and it can accurately measure the amount of colors and flavors required according the date which set by the user

►  PLC Touch Screen
Easy to operate and control the whole process of gummy production line

►  Spray Oil Device
Help to easy release the gummies


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