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Small Scale Gummy Making Machine/

GY40 Small Scale Gummy Making Machine for up 15,000 Gummies/hr

GY40 Small Scale Gummy Making Equipment is a specially design for limited space and batch size requirement less than 15,000 gummies per hour. the whole line is designed from cooking to cooling stage. buyer can also choose other auxiliary machines such as gummy packaging machine and sugar coating/drum and so on from us.


GY40 Small Scale Gummy Making Machine is equipped with the following special parts to help you get a more precise production line and save waste:

  • Precise liquid injection through a Dosator type of 30L hopper by controlled a servo drive;
  • Precise dosing of colors and flavors by auto Dosing System; (range from 1-15g)

GY40 Small Scale Gummy Making Equipment Structure

A Full GY40 Small Scale Gummy Making Machine can be separated in 3 stage of prodoction step, including:

1. Cooking stage:

  • 70L jacket cooking kettle
  • Storage tank
  • Gear pumps
  • Cooking control panel

2. Depositing Stage

  • Gummy depositing machine,with multifunctional system integration.
    1. Auto precise dosing system
    2. Auto precise injection system
    3. Auto oil spray system
    4. Quick release molds system
    5. PLC control system

3. Cooling Stage

  • Cooling Tunnel


Model GY40
Volts 220V/380V 60Hz 3pH
Production Capacity 40kgs/h
Deposting Speed 25-55n/min
Frozen Tunnel 15,000 kcal/h
Batch Size 15,000 gummies /hr for 3g each candy
Gross Weight 2600kgs around
Cooling Room Temperature 22-25℃
Humidity of the Cooling System 45%
Compressed Air Consumption 0.5m³/min
Compressed Air Pressure 0.4-0.6 Mpa
Length of Whole Line 8m


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