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Large Scale Gummy Making Machine/

GY600 Large Scale Gummy Making Machine up to 150,000 Gummies/hr


GY600 Large Scale Automatic Gummy Making Machine is a continuous production line for gummy manufacturing process. the whole body build with food grade stainless steel, total length of whole line approx 16-18 meters. about the capacity, it can do up to 150,000 gummies per hour. it is a great gummy machine for your huge production.

GY600 Automatic Gummy Making Machine is designed with dosing system, cooking system, dispensing system, mixing system, cooling system, transfer system and PLC control system. the operator can use by LED control panel to set up all data of feeding speed, filling volume, colors/flavors/acids dosage, heating time, cooling time etc. it makes your gummy production more intelligent and easy.

GY600 Automatic Gummy Making Machine can do one or two colors gummies, the gummy molds section of this machine is used a modular design, you can produce different shapes and sizes of gummies by changing different molds. and we can offer other auxiliary equipment such as sugar sanding drum, oil coating drum, drying trays, wax polishing pan for meet your different production needs.

Parameter of GY600 Gummy Making Machine

Model GY600
Volume 600kgs/hr
Voltage 220/380V
Powder 70KW
Production Capacity 120,000 gummies/hr
Depositing Speed 25-65n/min
Length of Whole Line 16-18 meters
Frozen Tunnel MT120 15000 kcal/h
Gross Weight 14,000kgs around
Compressed Air Consumption 0.0m3/min
Compressed Air Pressure 0.4-0.6 Mpa
Workshop Temperature 20-25℃
Humidity of the Cooling System 55%
Gross Weight 8000kg About

Feature of GY600 Gummy Making Machine

•  PLC Control System
•  LED Control Panel for Easy Operation
•  Dosing System for Feeding Precise Addition of Colors, Flavors and Acids
•  Quick Release Molds Design with Dual Brush
•  Oil Spraying System for Giving the Smooth of Gummy Molds to Get an Easier Release
•  Big Production Capacity up to 600kg per hour
•  Chang-Over Gummy Molds Design of Gummy Making Machine, for Changing Different Molds to Make Different Shape and Size Gummies



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