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Small Scale Gummy Making Machine/

GY80 Small Scale Gummy Making Machine for up 30000 Gummies /hr


GY80 Small Scale Gummy Making Machine is a full automatic production line for producing different shapes of gummies in one or two colors. it can turn out Max 30000 gummies per hour, capacity about 80kgs/h, it suitable for small scale gummy production.

GY80 Small Scale Gummy Making Machine has passed GMP certification. the length of a whole line total 9.5m,has a compact structure with PLC control system. saving sapce and easy operation.

GY80 Small Scale Gummy Making Machine equipped with quick release gummy molds to ensure your production getting more smooth. different kind of shape/size of gummy molds can be customized according your request.

GY80 Small Scale Gummy Making Machine designed with automatic dosing system, allow to add flavors, colors and acids etc additional ingredients, and transfer by dosing pump to premix with syrup. the dosing pump also call metering pump, it can accurately control the flow rate and dosing of materials, ensure the ingredients of the end product are exactly according to your settings.


Product Parameter

Model GY80
Volume 50-80kgs/hr
Voltage 220V
Powder 55KW
Production Capacity 30000 gummies/hr
Deposting Speed 25-55n/min
Length of Whole Line 9.5m
Frozen Tunnel MT120 15000 kcal/h
Gross Weight 5000kgs
Size 1300x700x1700mm
Workshop Temperature 20-25℃
Humidity of the Cooling System 55%


Standard Configuration of Small Scale Gummy Making Machine

1. 150L Jacket Heating Kettle for Cooking Step
► 316ss Contact part
► Electric heating
► Control by a stand-alone panel
► Impeller type of stirring paddle

2. 200L Storage Tank
► Contact parts is made of 316ss
► Heating way by medium water of Jacket
► Sweep type of mixing paddle

3. Cooling Tunnel
►  Re-circulation fans to keep the cooling consistent of same batch of gummies
► Whole body cover is made of stainless steel
► Control between 0~20℃ of temp

More equipped machines please refer to our above dynamic picture.

Please note, a standard GY80 small scale gummy making machine can be directly used for gummy production, but our production is flexible, we can provide custom service for your production if any needs.


Product Features

1. De-Moulding Device for Small Scale Gummy Making Machine
“Tank chain” design, including dual brush, make gummies release more easier

2. LED Touch Screen
Easy operation and used english interface.

3. Depositing Way of Gummy Liquid
Servo control, filling volume more precise and controllable.
Adjustable range of volume: 1g-15g
Hopper: 30L

4. Auto Dosing System and Auto Oil Spraying System



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